Helping therapists build successful practices.

Thrive House


Helping therapists build successful practices.

Start Your Own Private Therapy Practice.

Are you:

If you answer “YES!” to any of these questions, we can help!

Passionate about owning your own practice?

Eager to exponentially build your private book of business?

Missing out on being paid full practice rates?

How We Can Help.


We created, built from the ground up, and recorded the steps for starting and growing a thriving private practice.


Our success and the success of other therapists under our coaching has encouraged us to expand our reach to all mental health professionals seeking to grow their businesses.


We inspire and motivate other counselors and therapists to take the leap into the world of private practice.


Our proven method has endured the test of time. We’ll show you how to negotiate those beginner obstacles and mistakes in ways that will lead you to a healthy, thriving practice!

What Will You Gain?


Providing guidance and insight to emerging mental health practitioners.

Practice Development

Helping prospective and current private practice owners build and create thriving, successful businesses.

Organizational Culture Strategist

Develop unique and innovative plans and solutions to foster healthy and thriving organization and business cultures.

Own your practice, own your time.

How Will You Thrive?

In today’s world, innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs are on the rise! There is an unprecedented opportunity to create, build and grow the business of your dreams. However, it’s not just enough to have an idea or a dream. You need a plan of action and practical steps to achieve it!


Free 20 minute session to evaluate and discuss your needs.


Create a plan that provides practical insight and solutions.


Implement strategies that produce positive results.

Practice Specialist:

Taran McGowen, MA, LPC

Born into a family of self motivated, independent, business owners, entrepreneurship came second nature to Taran. Seeing her parents and grandparents run successful businesses inspired Taran to continue that legacy. In 2019, Taran began her venture as business owner by opening her own private practice, Thrive House Therapy, PLLC. Even amidst a global pandemic, Thrive House saw unprecedented growth, earning over 6 figures in its first year of business. Taran encapsulated a formula, comprising the most important elements to replicate her success. Today, she has decided to share it with other prospective and current practice owners. She also uses her knowledge in the mental health field to support and educate leadership teams on how to create an environment that cultivates healthy growth and success.

More About Taran:

Taran graduated from Dallas Baptist University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business, then returned to complete her Masters degree in Counseling. Taran uses her knowledge and experiences to help other professionals develop their own skills so they too can own and operate successful, thriving ventures.

She is the proud wife of Jordan McGowen and the mom of two amazing kiddos Rhian & Jordan Mills and their dog, Charlee. In her spare time, she enjoys going on brunch dates, spending time with family and friends, and binge watching her favorite tv shows and movies.